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A strange party of ‘Tamils’ from London, set out for Sri Lanka on the 27th of February this year. Their journey was by Sri Lanka’s national carrier ‘Sri Lankan Airlines’ flight UL502. It would appear that the tickets of this party were funded through the generosity of the Sri Lankan government. The fact that the Sinhala government was willing to pay for these particular ‘Tamils’ and Muslims to visit Sri Lanka, shows that the Sinhala government there, has high expectations of these ‘Quislings’. No doubt it also indicates, that either Sri Lanka’s ‘intelligence’ services have failed or the Sri Lankan government’s staff in their High Commission offices in London have badly slipped up, judging from the persons picked to make this holiday jamboree.

This party of Quislings was led by R Jeyadevan who calls himself the leader of the Tamil Democratic Congress (an impressive name that). Persons, who have visited this website or have read newspapers of the Tamil Diaspora, will be aware of this man. He had visited Eelam some years back but was held captive by the LTTE for a few months before his release. It is clear, as it now appears that he had gone to the island on that occasion, on behalf of his Sinhala masters. He was held by the LTTE till Barry Gardiner a London MP interceded on his behalf. Sadly, Mr Gardiner is himself in for a little shock o0f his own next year, at the general elections, when he suddenly finds that he has lost the support of countless Tamil voters in his constituency, chiefly on account of his closeness to Jeyadevan.

Mr Jeyadevan, who is a nephew of a former respected Anglican Archdeacon of Jaffna, runs the Eelapatheeswarer Temple in Wembley, London, along with his family and close acquaintances. There have been many protests and rumblings over finances involving this temple. Mr Jeyadevan is apparently the chief trustee of the temple that he runs along with members of his family and close friends. According to Tamil temple goers, this temple rakes in profits, being conveniently situated and well attended by the Tamil Diaspora in London. Shortly before his arrest, the man called Karuna, presently an unwilling guest of Her Majesty, was observed at this temple while a Sri Lankan high commission car was seen close by. Jeyadevan, has been able to overcome all objections about how he runs this temple so far, because of his closeness to Barry Gardiner. The temple is not, I understand, a registered charity but it is possible that Income Tax may show an interest in the accounts of the temple and its trustees. Time will tell.

Among others who accompanied Mr Jeyadevan is N Satchinanthan a former member of the Eelam People’s Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) who is said to be a member of the board of trustees of the Lewisham Sivan Temple. It appears that this group, or rather the Tamils in the group, are ‘devout’ Hindus. Like Mr Jayadevan and his Tamil Democratic Congress (TDC), Mr Satchithananthan has his own little group that he calls the Federation of Sivan Hindu Temples in the UK’. Tamils who remember the Indian Peace Keeping Force (IPKF) occupation of Eelam and the atrocities committed by them, will also remember that the EPRLF operated glove in hand with Indian troops in hounding the Tamil people. The camps of the EPRLF were always alongside the camps of the IPKF. The EPRLF were too scared to move around and always shadowed Indian troops for their protection. They were so hated by the Tamil nation that they had to flee Eelam along with the Indian troops when the Indians finally returned to India.

It is strange that Mr Jeyadevgan is now a close associate of the former EPRLF cadre Mr Satchithananthan, when one remembers that close members of Mr Jeyadevan’s family were butchered by these same Indian troops so loved by the EPRLF.

Another member of the party was K Vivekananthan, a relation of Jeyadevan and a trustee along with him, of the Eelapatheeswararer temple. The Hindu religion appears to be a family ‘business’ as far as the Jeyadevan family is concerned.

Others in the party comprised Krishnan Supiah a member of the Tamil Makal Viduthalai Pulihal (TMVP) whose leader was, at one time, the infamous Karuna who is presently a guest of Her Majesty in one of her prisons, having entered the UK on a diplomatic passport belonging to a Sinhala official, allegedly with the knowledge and connivance of Gotabaya Rajapakse the Sri Lankan President’s brother. Krishnan Suppiah is said to have been a close associate of both Karuna and the man who ousted Karunja as leader of the TMVP, a man called Pillayan. Krishnan Supiah does appear to move in circles that he considers are important.

Another is Arunasalam Muthukumarapillai brother of the assassinated TULF MP Thangathurai. He is said to be a member of the Tamil Community Association in Denmark; SMM Bazeer, originally from east Eelam, who claims to be head of a group called the Sri Lanka Muslim Information Centre. This man is probably one of the people associated with the farcical Fatwah aimed at certain Tamils in London that was primarily aimed at ‘scaring’ them.

For the benefit of those who may not have been aware, the website TAMIL carried the following item towards the end of last year.

‘Islamic terrorists have launched a first ever cyber terror shock on the news aggregator service SiberNews,com after the service relayed an article exposing the meeting of Islamic extremists in London last Saturday 08 December(2007)…………... Saturday’s meeting was held at London Muslim Centre in Whitechapel, east of London. It was attended by the alleged International Coordinator of the Jihad Group, Sayeed Bazeer and members of Jama’th E Islami, a banned Islamic group with its roots in Pakistan. The meeting was held just three days after the Sri Lankan President toured Iran, expressed support for that country’s nuclear ambitions and secured more that US $2 billion in loans. Following the news article exposing the meeting, last Monday, Islamic terrorists issued a Fatwa an Islamic death warrant against four Tamils.’

A man called SMM Bazeer is a member of this touring party of Mr Jeyadevan. Of the other two Muslim in the party, one is N Mohamed who calls himself the president of the Sri Lanka Islamic Forum UK and MM Cassim, a Muslim from Jaffna. There was also a woman in the party going by the name of Mrs R Balasubramaniam.

The Metropolitan Police and the anti terrorist squad are aware of the threatened Fatwah and are carrying out their own investigations. My advice to Jayadevan and his cronies within the Sri Lankan government and outside it is just this. ‘Children should not play with matches – they could get burnt.

The names mentioned above, were reported earlier in this website. The use by the Sri Lankan government of the national carrier, ‘Sri Lanka Airlines’ to transport this group is yet another argument why all Tamils should avoid this airline if they can help it.

The Sinhala government of Mahinda Rajapakse has paid for this group of Quisling tourists to visit the island and this indicates that the government has specific plans against the Tamil nation in the island. Apparently, in the eyes of the government, who better than this band of pliable Tamils, devoid of any trace of self respect, to do their bidding!

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