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Sivavathani Prabaharan is on canadian election

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I am one of the Councillor Candidates for Ward 41, Scarborough Rouge River, in the upcoming City of Toronto municipal election.

Election Day is on Monday, October 27, 2014. Scarborough Rouge River residents have the opportunity to exercise their rights and responsibilities to elect the right Councillor for their ward. Please make sure you Vote! Because don't forget your Vote is your Voice!

I am anxious to share my vision for the City of Toronto with all of you. I know if I am granted with this opportunity that I can bring our ward to greater heights. However, in order to elect me as the Candidate you need to know who I am and why I am the right candidate for you. So let me share a little bit about myself.

All these years, I have been working in the government ministries, private companies and non-profit organizations. I have further been involved and continue to dedicate my effort in various social services and civic activities in ward 41.

I always had a wish to be of service to society. I wanted to do more and more to contribute. When I started to write my books and when I worked with the public my connection with society and its people became stronger. It got me thinking about the social issues and problems that people in our Scarborough ward 41 community face on a regular basis. Every time, I see a social issue, I wished I could do something more. But the leverage to make the decisions was all beyond my power.

As you all know, in Ward 41, there are many social issues those need to be fixed. Now the power is in your hands to bring about the necessary changes you wish to see in our community. I will stand strong as your representative and make it possible.

Vote for the change you wish to make in our community. With all your support we can create so many miracles in our Ward 41 and truly make a positive difference.

Once I am elected I will make sure there won’t be any tax increases. I will support to save our heritage, enrich the power of multiculturalism, protect local businesses and increase our local employment opportunities as well turn the society into an ecologically friendly one.

Everyone in this society deserves better from the youth suffering in unemployment to the seniors living in low income. Every time you vote, you vote for a change but most of the time the choice goes to waste. I guarantee your vote will note go to waste.

Now it is time for someone to take the responsibility. I am ready to accept this challenge of changing ward 41. All I need is the opportunity which you alone can provide me with. If given a chance I will definitely work towards renewal and create a new life in the field of politics.

My volunteers and I conducted a door to door survey in ward 41 during our campaign period. This survey brought to the forefront the concerns of the citizens in Ward 41 and what expectations they hold from their future Councillor. They are eagerly waiting for a representative who would step in their doorways every now and then to know about their requirements. I would definitely satisfy your expectation.

We are all here on this earth to help one another. So give me an opportunity to help and serve you better and I will prove that your decision is absolutely right. I can assure you will never regret making this decision.

I will continue working hard in achieving great success in this election. But I need your support too.

"Vote for your Voice, Vote for the Change".


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சிவவதனி பிரபாகரன் என்ற பெயருக்கே.... லட்சக் கணக்கான, வாக்குகள் விழும். :)

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